Jump Tandem

Medical/emergency and insurance details

Medical / emergency details

A First Aid and CPR trained person will be at the competition site during the whole event. The nearest fully equipped hospital with anaesthesiology and resuscitation department, trauma department etc., is about 10 km from the DZ in Prostějov city.

Typical ambulance response time is 5 minutes. Heliport with medical helicopters is in Olomouc city about 5 minutes flight time. There is another completely equipped hospital in Olomouc city.

Insurance details

All competitors must have full third-party liability insurance (minimum amount of coverage 3.000.000 CZK) valid in the Czech Republic (European Union) and also have insurance to cover medical expenses in the case of injury and repatriation (minimum amount of coverage up to the competitor). In case of any problems please contact the organizers. Any damage to the hotels etc. is the responsibility of the people involved. Personal items and equipment are the participants’ responsibility.



IČ: 277 05 587
DIČ: CZ277 05 587

residence, office, shop:

Loosova 262/1
CZ - 638 00, Brno

opened: Mo - Fri: 9:00 - 17:00

e-mail: tandem@jump-tandem.cz

Letiště Prostějov
Letecká 1
796 01 Prostějov
49.4451586N, 17.1306897E